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It Takes A Village

"For years, the trash from all five million of the people who live in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, has been dumped in the village called Korah. Many of these people wear the scars of leprosy, are battling HIV, or are struggling to survive due to the sickness and disease that exists in this community. The name of the village itself actually means “cursed.”   But the reality is…

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FeaturedJessica Hatmaker
A Personal Shout-Out to Our Partners at St. Joseph Christian School

We just wrapped up an incredible season in Ethiopia of many teams coming to visit us, serve us, and spend time with us over the past five months. And although each and every one of those teams was a blessing in different ways, I want to highlight one of those teams—our friends from St. Joseph Christian School in St. Joseph, Missouri. They have been sending teams for years, so I have built a really solid relationship with this community.

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