We know not everyone can go on a mission trip across the world . . .

so we decided to bring the mission to you.


A house party is when you gather your friends and family at your home or business, and we provide product that can be purchased on the spot and resources for you to educate your friends and family about the mission of this organization. It’s a do-good event that you personally get to host.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the request form below & we will be in touch soon to schedule your party!

  2. We send you everything you need to host a Carry 117 party:

    • Graphics for social media to tell your friends about it

    • Product that people can buy on the spot

    • Price list

    • Pictures of previous parties to get ideas on setting up yours

    • Video documentary about Carry 117 to show at your party

  3. You invite your friends!

That’s it!

There is no obligation on your end. At the end of your party, you send any product back that doesn’t sell within a week and mail the money made to our headquarters.

By hosting one of these parties and giving us an avenue to tell our story, you are empowering at-risk women and helping to keep families together in Ethiopia.

Basically, you’re changing the world one party at a time!