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It's More Than A Bag

“Through buying our products, you are helping restore dignity to women and helping preserve families in Ethiopia. It’s more than a bag. It’s someone’s name. It’s someone’s story. It’s someone’s confidence.”

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Carry 117 StoryCarry 117
A Personal Shout-Out to Our Partners at St. Joseph Christian School

We just wrapped up an incredible season in Ethiopia of many teams coming to visit us, serve us, and spend time with us over the past five months. And although each and every one of those teams was a blessing in different ways, I want to highlight one of those teams—our friends from St. Joseph Christian School in St. Joseph, Missouri. They have been sending teams for years, so I have built a really solid relationship with this community.

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Sell Carry 117 at Your Next Local Festival, Bazaar, or In Your Online Shop!

Know of a local bazaar, festival, or event happening in your town, at your school, or at your church? Do you or someone you know have an online shop that sells fair-trade products and trendy accessories?

From church events, to town festivals, and high school events, we’ve had many people sell our product at their booth or table, or in their online shop.

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Alem's Hope

Prayer is powerful. Bringing hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved, and healing to the hurting; it also turns foreigners into friends and strangers into sisters. Let me introduce you to my friend and sister in Christ, Alem. Henok describes Alem as “the most happy, although she is the least paid.” She knows the secret to happiness is not in a job or money. It’s in relationships; specifically her relationship with Jesus.

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What A Beautiful Mess

During a work function this past week, one of my coworkers asked me about my mission trip to Ethiopia and how it went. “What did you do over there?” she asked.   I love when others ask me these types of open ended questions. This question allowed me to share about Carry 117 and also about the village of Korah, the village that surrounds the city trash dump.

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Helping or Hurting?

If you are reading these words, there is a good chance you have an interest in Ethiopia, or Africa, or perhaps just global philanthropy or missions in general.  That is a wonderful thing.  Truly, it’s one of the most beautiful things in which we can participate. That can be a difficult thing to remember, though...that we are merely participants in something much greater, much deeper, than ourselves.  For those of us who choose to put teams together in the US, get on a plane, and spend time on the ground in another culture’s midst, the pull to help can sometimes take us into unfocused territory.

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Something Worth Carrying

Have you ever wondered what the name Carry 117 means? The name and meaning behind Carry 117 is three-fold, really. Here’s why:

  1. Every product that is made by the women of Carry 117 is something you can carry. A bag, a credit card holder, a lunchbox… You name it!

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