Let's Have A House Party!

I love a good party.  Birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, fundraising, all of them.  I love gathering a group of people and celebrating something or someone.  I love the opportunity a party provides to connect with people.  I also love the potential of having a party with a purpose. Recently, I went on my first mission trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the first 117 Trip. I instantly fell in love with the women and mission of Carry 117.  We spent time with the women as they worked, making their beautiful products with love.  We also spent time with their families and it was so special to see how much they love their children.  The women shared how working for Carry 117 has given them purpose and the ability to provide for their families.  I knew I wanted to stay connected with the organization after I returned home to the US.  One of the ideas our team dreamed about was the opportunity to share Carry 117 with our communities at home in America.  We took the fun of a party with people you love, combined with sharing about Carry 117 and the gorgeous products they make, and Carry 117 House Parties came to life! 

I’d love to invite you to host a Carry 117 House Party!  A Carry 117 House Party is the opportunity to share the stories of Carry 117 with your friends and family and sell the product right in your home. We know not everyone can travel across the world on a mission trip, but we CAN bring the mission to you.


We make it really easy for you to host!  You tell us when and how many people you are expecting and we will:

  • ship you a box of product for your house party.

  • include everything you need to invite, promote, set up, and share for your house party (social media images, written invitations, captions, pictures, etc.).

  • send you a video to share with your guests that gives more information about the story of Carry 117.

Should a guest want to buy a product that you run out of or is not included in your box but is on our website, they can order from the website and have it shipped to their home.  After your House Party, whatever you do not sell, you are welcome to hang onto to sell the following week, or you can send it back to us.  Finally, as a thank you for hosting a House Party, you will receive a gift from Carry 117.    


A Carry 117 House Party is a great way to share about Carry 117.  By hosting a House Party, you are not only supporting the women of Carry 117 and their families, but you are also giving them a voice as you use your platform in your community and your home to share their story.  Now that’s a party I want to be a part of!  


If you are interested in more information about hosting a Carry 117 House Party, click HERE to complete the form.