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Sell Carry 117 at Your Next Local Festival, Bazaar, or In Your Online Shop!

Know of a local bazaar, festival, or event happening in your town, at your school, or at your church? Do you or someone you know have an online shop that sells fair-trade products and trendy accessories?

From church events, to town festivals, and high school events, we’ve had many people sell our product at their booth or table, or in their online shop.

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Boutiques and Shops That Carry Products With Purpose!

Do you own a store or boutique?Do you want to sell products in your store that have a purpose?

Are you looking to sell product to fundraise for an event? 

We’ve got the perfect option for you: bulk ordering. You’ll be able to select the products you want to carry in your store, or sell for your fundraiser, and you’ll receive our products at wholesale pricing.

We’ve been featured in the following stores:

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From Cleaner to Supervisor: Meet Medi

I have learned a lot! I was hired as a helper for the Carry 117 team in preparing materials for the sewers. That means I was in charge of organizing and folding the fabric. I also had to measure and cute the fabric. But, I began to learn how to sew and I am now one of the best sewers! Not just one of the fastest, but also more accurate. I have also learned how to organize and follow-up with things in the workplace, and I am now promoted to being the On-Site Supervisor at Carry 117.

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Did You Know We Do Custom Orders?

Did you know we do custom orders here at Carry 117? If you're hosting an event, or you own a boutique or a store, custom ordering is the perfect option for you! With custom ordering, you'll be able to help design your product for your bulk order to make it unique to your store, event, business, etc. And not only can we customize the product, but we are also able to customize the products we currently make with your logo using a stamp or label.

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Standing On Their Own [Our Response to Ethiopia Banning International Adoption]

Earlier this year, the Ethiopian government passed a law banning international adoption. It broke our heart because we know how full the orphanages are in Ethiopia. As an organization whose heartbeat is orphan prevention, we realize this new law has elevated the importance of what we do. Empower women with a skill and provide them with a job, which in turn gives them a way to provide for their own children and preserves the family.

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Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village

A few years ago, we were extended the opportunity to open a store in this up and coming brand new tourist destination called the Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village. It is by invitation only that you have this opportunity. The owners had seen our product, specifically the recycled burlap product we create, at a local bazaar in Addis and contacted us immediately. We were very excited about the opportunity to expand our market here in Ethiopia.

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