Introducing Our New 2018 Fall Product Line!

Happy Fall! Every year around this time, we try to introduce some new products, new colors, and new patterns into the mix, and we retire some of the older or less popular ones.

One other thing we have started to be more intentional about doing is personalizing the product for the customer. What we mean is, a lot of fair-trade companies have tags that say “made by” and then have someone’s name. Because we use an assembly line approach, almost every employee touches every bag. We love the idea of a personal connection, so a few years ago we began naming products after employees (or their children) once they have been with us for a certain amount of time. This way, the bag you purchase who is named after someone, you are able to have a personal connection to that person and their story.

(Note: not all of our products are named after someone. There is usually a reason it ends up being named after someone.)


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We have a few more "new" products coming in the next few weeks!

Stay tuned!