2018 Year End Reflections

2018 Company Highlights:

  1. Hiring Yosi (COO) Habtam (Yosi’s Assistant)

  2. Promoting Demis to Henok’s personal assistant

  3. Hiring 6 new ladies this year!

  4. Contracting 5 teenage girls to make earrings, keychains, ornaments, luggage tags

  5. Promoting Medi to the supervisor, which solved the problem of employees coming late, increased production speed by 50%, and improved quality significantly

  6. Precision & quality control (Less than 5% rejects on each order in 2018!)

  7. Putting in the accountability plan for on time and production

  8. Had a very successful first Carry 117 Mission Trip

  9. Adding Adam, Nicole, Jes, Sean, Janelle, Tyler, Joe, Ali, Audrey, Jennifer, Mayson to the USA volunteer staff

  10. Stepped up our graphics game & social media game a ton.

  11. Launched Carry 117 House Parties!!!

  12. Increased revenue by 49% for the year...

  13. Fall product line was incredible(and the images captured it!)

  14. Personalized bags that are named after someone by attaching the quote tag on each bag

  15. Completed our first Carry 117 video documentary

  16. Began using paid Facebook and Insta ads

  17. Joined the FOR KORAH campaign and began working with Hope for Korah, and Out of the Ashes

2018 Company Lowlights:

  1. Losing Miskir & Mesi (to marriage)

  2. Figuring out how to work with the high school girls who come and go so fast

  3. The Kuriftu Store has been super disappointing. They are years behind the projected finish date of the resort, so we get no traffic.

  4. Everything that has to do with export/import/shipping - it’s not smooth and it’s so expensive and I don’t think it has to be this way we just don't have time to fix it

  5. Ayni getting sick with her brain tumor

  6. The landlord keeps raising our rent

Thanks to everyone for making it a successful year!

2019 - BRING IT!

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