Looking Ahead: 2019 Goals

GOALS for 2019:

  1. Hire 10 more women

  2. Introduce 5 new products

  3. Launch new Carry 117 website & our own online store (goodbye Etsy!)

  4. Complete the Ethiopian Leather Institute partnership process

  5. Complete the Fair Trade Certification process

  6. Develop a sliding scale for wholesale pricing and custom bulk orders

  7. Send another Carry 117 Mission Team

  8. Complete 10 Community Outreach programs this year (Orpahange, Feeding)

  9. Launch marketing strategy to our 5 different markets & hire a volunteer marketing lead

  10. FOR KORAH next steps with Hope for Korah, and Out of the Ashes & any other organization that chooses to join

  11. Create hooks at the Light House Guest House to encourage people to want to visit Carry 117

  12. Host 20 House Parties in 2019

  13. Get Demis his drivers license and a car

  14. 117 Tour visit 4-5 new cities (Charleston, SC & Denver, CO are on the books!)

  15. Fill in the open USA volunteer roles

  16. Increase revenue by 50%

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