It’s hard to believe that this year’s 117 Tour is already over! 10 cities, 8 states, 7 flights, and 3 House Parties, with 1 goal: to share the story of Carry 117. There were so many awesome moments and wins for me personally and for Carry 117 throughout the tour.

Personally, my top three highlights would have to be:

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117 TourHenok Berhanu
Strengthening Families... In Korah and At Home [117 Trip Chronicles]

The moment my feet hit Ethiopian soil for the first time, I knew two things.  That I would be back.  And that I would bring Nicole, my wife, with me. I’m sure it was the smell of the air, the people I was meeting, the power of the work we were doing; a combination of all of it.  I knew, with each passing day, this was something my wife would need to experience.  That knowledge only grew on my second trip.

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Sell Carry 117 at Your Next Local Festival, Bazaar, or In Your Online Shop!

Know of a local bazaar, festival, or event happening in your town, at your school, or at your church? Do you or someone you know have an online shop that sells fair-trade products and trendy accessories?

From church events, to town festivals, and high school events, we’ve had many people sell our product at their booth or table, or in their online shop. Booth and table sales, as well as online shops, are a great way to share the story of Carry 117 with people in your community and in your circle online.

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Hope Rising in the Midst of Discouragement

I first met Henok five years ago. Traveling with educators, parents, and students from the Christian school where I teach kindergarten gave me a front row seat to watch God work in and through His people in Ethiopia. As a translator and friend to our team leaders, Henok was helpful, kind, and gracious as he patiently answered our never-ending questions. Our first opportunity to “minister” came when we visited an organization in Korah.

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Alem's Hope

Henok describes Alem as “the most happy, although she is the least paid.” She knows the secret to happiness is not in a job or money. It’s in relationships; specifically her relationship with Jesus. Alem radiates the truth of Nehemiah 8:10, “the joy of the Lord is her strength.” This was not always her experience though. I sat with eyes fixed on my friend as she shared her powerful testimony.

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What A Beautiful Mess

A few months ago was the one-year anniversary of the tragic trash landslide that killed hundreds of people in Korah. I know I can’t do it justice, explaining this mountain of trash that is home to over 200,000 women and children, but I try. Because just one more person knowing about this matters.

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