What does it mean to really be FOR something? In so many words, one can be

FOR a cause,

FOR a certain team or school,

FOR a certain business

FOR a person, or group of people.

We can speak words with our lips and let others know what we are FOR.  There is an element of support, of encouragement, of reaching out.  There is an element of love and caring.  There is a sense of devotion there.

But to really be FOR something, there must be action.

Our words only get us so far.  The things we are really for, those causes, they begin with a fire in our gut.  It’s a sense of discontent with the current state of things that fuels this fire.

We see injustice.

We see pain.

We see inequality and its far-reaching consequences.

It’s this fire that moves us from a burning in our heart to words on our lips to our feet on the ground.

This is movement.

This is action.

Compassion isn’t compassion until you roll up your sleeves, cross the street, and get involved.

In Korah, a village within the capital city of Ethiopia,

live what some would consider

the forgotten,

the outcasts,

the marginalized,

the lonely,

the downtrodden,

the orphaned,

and the oppressed.

Words that communicate nothing more than you can’t do this, you are not enough, you have nothing to offer.

How could Korah look different if instead of being told what they are not and why they cannot, they were told they could, and they would, and they will.

That’s what it means to be FOR something.

Being FOR something means you are no longer neutral.

Being FOR something takes intentionality.

It takes time. It takes resources.

And when everyone is pulling in different directions, but aiming at the same end goal, it confuses people in the process.

“We don’t have to agree with each other to be FOR each other.”

We may all be different.

We may be from different countries, cultures, and races.

We may be from different ministries, churches, and denominations.

We may have different strategies, visions, or mission statements.

But when we are FOR, we are united.

We can do more together.

We are FOR family stability.

We are FOR economic empowerment.

We are FOR orphan prevention.

We are FOR family preservation.

We are FOR self-sustainability.

We are FOR family businesses.

We are FOR the local churches.

We are FOR the infrastructure.

We are FOR the local government.

We are FOR the local schools.

We are FOR all organizations serving in Korah.

We are FOR the orphan.

We are FOR the widow.

We are FOR the oppressed.

We are FOR the single mom.

We are FOR the potential of this beautiful place.

We are FOR Korah.

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