Storage Closets, Mud Houses, and Concrete Castles

Did you know Carry 117 started in a storage closet? The first several months we worked out of this tiny closet making samples of products and building a team of people to help launch the Carry 117 vision.    


Once we launched and hired more than two people, we had to find ourselves a compound. It needed to be in Korah, so the ladies could walk to work. We found a nice mud house nestled at the feet of the trash dump that was in our price range. We called this compound home for two and a half years.

We outgrew this compound after 2.5 years. Plus, the landlord seemed to be collecting a trash dump of his own in our compound, and we couldn't do anything about it. It wasn't a great environment to be sewing such beautiful bags. There was no room for the kids to play, and it wasn't very clean.

Because the ladies worked so hard the first 3 years of this ministry, we were able to find a brand new compound on the other side of the dump. Two stories. Cement walls. Toilets. A kitchen. Green grass. Space outside. A store on the second level. It is a concrete castle that we will grow into.




So, from a storage closet, to a mud house, to a concrete castle... we are growing and making progress. And although there are times we miss the character and quaintness of the past compounds, we see room for growth moving into the future.

Thank you for buying our products so we are able to provide such a clean and spacious compound for the ladies to work and the kids to play safely.