Feeding 400

Thank you to the many churches, organizations, and individuals who have generously donated to what’s going on here in Korah.

We wanted to update you with how we plan on using your funds:

1. We are working in partnership with Kebele, the local government by supporting their relief efforts. They called Henok this morning and asked for our help in feeding 400 people who are in one of the resettlement shelters.


We have spent the day renting plates, pots, and all the materials needed to cook. Alem has spent the day calculating injera, onions, tomatoes etc. Tomorrow we have a team of people who will be purchasing the supplies and bringing them to the resettlement shelter. Our Carry 117 staff will cook and serve. The government will also be taking the food to people’s houses where it’s needed most. As we work hand in hand with Kebele, they will be telling us and updating us with what is needed in the days ahead.


2. The ladies of Carry 117 have spent the day visiting homes of friends and neighbors in the community who are grieving. They have sat and cried with them, prayed with them, and noted their needs.

3. We have also been asked to help provide school supplies (books, book bags) for all the children in the shelter since they have lost all school supplies and cannot return to school until they have new ones. They mentioned how there are tons and tons of students who need this in order to go to school. We are waiting on exact figures.

4. Lastly, we have been asked to help in supplying clothing for all ages, and baby food, which is a big need. There are a lot of little ones in these shelters.

We ask for your continued prayer & we will update you when we can.

It's not too late to get involved!

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