Why House Parties Were So Much Better Than I Imagined  

After the Carry 117 Mission Trip came in January of this year, and I heard about the idea of having Carry 117 House Parties, I couldn’t quite predict how it was going to be. I had never gone to one of these things before, because we don’t really have something like that in our culture. So I thought it would be a small thing. I wasn’t sure how many people it would reach, if it would be worth it because there would be people from all over the country reaching out and we would need to deal with shipping and communication and small sales, etc. Typically, I lean more toward bulk sales; they are usually what draws my attention because they are easier to manage. So I wasn’t sure how having these small House Parties was going to turn out. But, on the Carry 117 USA Tour this year, I got to experience my first House Parties and they actually blew my expectations out of the water. They turned out great, and I feel so encouraged and excited.

During the House Party we took a little time to share about Carry 117. You know what I loved? I loved that we had video footage of Korah. I love that we gave a visual perspective. Even before we spoke, we played them a video that showed Korah and what it looked like and what the people looked like. They were tuned in. It really helped people connect to the words we were sharing. We talked about what we do, what the name means, where Carry 117 is located. They asked great questions like, “where do the profits go?” These questions led us to prepare even more for upcoming House Parties. It was a great atmosphere. 


We made more money than we anticipated. But that wasn’t the only reason it was a huge success. Actually, the best part of the House Party was NOT the money. It was the people at the party. We made some incredible connections and contacts.

For example, we had a woman sign up on the spot to host another party.

Another lady who owns a boutique and wanted to talk about carrying our product.

And ANOTHER woman who wanted us to come speak at her school for a student/parent event.

It seems like the rippling effect will be amazing.

I think House Parties are going to take Carry 117 to another level.

I am super thankful for the USA Staff, for coming up with these amazing ideas: House Parties, 117 Mission Trips, and things like that. I have been so surprised in the best way with the outcomes. 

I would love to invite anyone reading this to have a House Party. We would be honored to come to your home and share with your circle. 

You can get more information HERE.

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