The Ayni Bag [A Way to See the World Through]


Carry 117 named this versatile bag after our employee, Ayni.

Ayni’s name means, “A way to see the world through.”

Henok, Founder and CEO of Carry 117, says that “Ayni was one of our first employees at Carry 117. She has been one of our lead sewers for the past five years. She is a mother of two beautiful girls named Misgana (5 years old) and Nardi (14 years old). One fun fact is Misgana was born just two months before we officially started Carry 117. Nardi is the oldest kid of all the Carry 117 kids, which means she plays an important role in influencing the younger kids. We love seeing both of these beautiful girls grow into amazing and strong young Ethiopian women. Being part of their life is such a blessing to me and the other Carry 117 staff. We admire Ayni for not only making the beautiful bags at Carry 117 but for being such a wonderful mother to her kids. She has shown them how to work hard and be brave while she fights brain cancer for the last year.” 

We consider Ayni a miracle. After two massive brain surgeries to remove tumors, she was experiencing a lot of tingling and numbness in her arm and her hand and was not able to have much control of them. We didn’t expect she would be able to return to sewing, so we started making plans for her to help in another department of the organization. 

But God. 

We are so happy to share that Ayni recently returned from medical leave, and because of her hard work in physical therapy, she is able to sew! We have already seen such a huge turnaround in production with having our lead sewer back in action. We are so thankful that she is doing better and continue to lift Ayni up in prayer for healing and strength on this long journey. If you have ever walked with someone fighting cancer, you know how helpful it is to have a support system of love, prayer, and hope around you and your family. That is what Carry 117 wants to give to Ayni and her family. We don’t look at her like an employee, we are family. 

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One of our customers says this:

“When I carry my Ayni Bag, I get so many compliments. The blush leather isn’t a common color you see, so it draws attention. I love it because it keeps all of my personal belongings secure with the zipper, and is so easy to grab on the go throughout the day no matter where I am going. I typically put it inside either my Korah Tote or Selam Bag I use for work. Instead of bringing these bigger bags with my laptop and other work items inside the grocery store, restaurant, gym, or school, I just grab my Ayni Bag and I am ready to go for whatever comes my way that day. It fits my phone, keys, wallet (my Carry 117 Wallet to be exact), and my lipstick. I use this bag every day.”  

We would love for you to carry an Ayni Bag of your own or purchase for a purpose as a gift for someone in your life. When purchasing a bag, you not only help support Carry 117 but you also partner with us in carrying Ayni’s story. We appreciate and are truly blessed that you would choose to have our Ayni Bag be part of your own story.  

The Ayni Bag is made out of premium Ethiopian leather and comes in either the beautiful blush leather or chestnut brown color options. The bag measures 9.5" x 7" with a zipper, inside pocket, and wrist strap.

Buy the Ayni Bag by clicking HERE

Ayni’s two daughters, Misgana and Nardi have Carry 117 bags named after them, too.

Megan Bohinc