The Best Yes [117 Trip Chronicles]

I just recently arrived home from my 4th trip to Korah, Ethiopia with Carry 117. My task while on the ground in Ethiopia was to lead the team to redesign two of the Carry 117 stores: at our location in Korah and at our store at Kuriftu. I LOVE designing and decorating. In fact, I just recently finished a six-month-long kitchen remodel process at home. I have been living in interior design for the last six months during this remodel. And to have the opportunity to use that passion of mine to tell the Carry 117 story better while on the ground in Ethiopia?! I was so excited.

Our store in Korah is located at our two-story compound on the second floor. All week during our trip, we had been upstairs working on the store. We were building, designing, and organizing our products to maximize our story for our visitors so they would know who these amazing women are and why Carry 117 exists. On the last day of our trip when the store was completed  the women of Carry 117 came up from their workstations to see what we had been working on all week. They each filed into the room one-by-one, with huge smiles and clapping as they entered and saw the transformation of the store displaying all of the products they have created.

Selam was so excited to see her bag on display.

Medi’s smile couldn’t have been bigger. She was so proud to be looking at her bag on the wall, thinking about how people would be inspired by her as a person, and in turn, purchase her product.

I remember thinking, “This is why I want others to know who these women are.”

At the same time, the ladies who are relatively new to Carry 117, and don’t yet have a bag named after them visibly caught the vision of what we were doing, and maybe even were developing an inner motivation to keep working hard to one day have a bag named after them, too.

God’s known for using what we don’t expect. Think about it.

David never would have known his years of playing with slingshots in the fields while he was shepherding would be used by God to slay a giant.

A young and willing teenage girl named Mary was used by God to bring his one and only son into the world.

God used a bunch of uneducated, ordinary men to be a huge part of His plan for spreading the story of His love throughout the world.

Never in a million years did I think I would be going on a mission trip across the world to use my passion for interior design. But, God provided that opportunity when I was willing.

The thing is though, I had to first say YES to be part of the plan before He showed me what exactly I would be doing as part of the plan. Before I knew that it would include one of the things I am passionate about.

So, here’s my challenge to you. What are you going to say YES to? Even before you’re 100% sure. Even before you know all the details. What’s one step you can take toward your next best YES?