August 2019... Get Ready!


If you’ve been around for a while, you know that every Fall we host what we call the 117 Tour! During the 117 Tour, our Founder, Henok Berhanu, and our USA Executive Director, Ashley Bohinc, travel to cities around the United States sharing the story, mission, and products of Carry 117 by speaking at schools, businesses, churches, House Parties, and events.

This is an excellent way for people to make a personal connection to a ministry across the world. We know that not everyone can travel across the world to serve in Ethiopia, which is why we want to focus on bringing the mission of Carry 117 to you. Whether you’ve been supporting Carry 117 for years or you’ve just learned about Carry 117—the 117 Tour is one way everyone can be part of the mission from right where they are.

By hosting a House Party during the 117 Tour, you’ll get to gather your circle of friends and family in your home, where Henok will share firsthand about Carry 117: how it started, the mission behind it, what we do, and why he’s passionate about serving the community of Korah like he does. After hearing from Henok, you’ll have the opportunity to shop our product and be part of the mission of Carry 117 right from your own home.

In addition to hosting House Parties on the tour, we also visit schools, businesses, churches, and other events as requested. In the past, Henok and Ashley have spoken at middle schools and high schools, our partner churches, small groups, and businesses that are partners or interested in becoming partners of Carry 117.

Have a group of friends, family, coworkers, or students that you want to introduce Carry 117 to? This is a great way to invite them to not only hear the story of Carry 117, but also personally meet and hear about Carry 117 from Henok.

Last year, Henok traveled to Atlanta, GA, St. Joseph, MO, Columbus, OH, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Westminster, MD, and Washington, D.C. If you want to check out more about last year’s tour and read some of Henok’s highlights, click HERE. We’re excited to be adding some new cities to the list this year!

Interested in becoming a Tour stop on a future Carry 117 Tour? Fill out the interest form HERE and we’ll be in touch.

Jessica Hatmaker