Carry 117 Mission Trip

Have you ever wanted to go to africa?

Have you ever wanted to fully experience a different culture? Have you ever wanted to drink a cup of coffee in the country where it was first discovered? Do you have a desire to learn more about yourself, God, and the world? 

Then A #117trip is for you. 

We take teams from around the country to the birthplace of coffee and the only African country that was never colonized, making it one of the richest and most unique cultures on the planet. 10 surprising facts about Ethiopia.

In 2020 - We have two options for you! 

#1 — Dec 27, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020 (FULL)

·     18 years of age & older 

#2 — May 26, 2020 – June 4, 2020 (FULL)

·     This trip is open to adults and families with kids ages 12 & older.

·     We are offering an optional 3-day add-on experience to the magical town of Lalibela to explore the historical heritage, monolithic churches from the 12th century. This is unlike any adventure you have ever been on, trust us.  If you choose this option, you would arrive back home June 7!

Quick Facts:

·       We will take 15 people.

·       The trip will be led by some of our Carry 117 USA Staff.

·       We will encourage you, teach you, challenge you, and pray with you.

·       And…we will have fun!

How long is the trip?  7 nights, 8 days in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

(For the Summer 2020 trip, there is an optional 3 day add-on trip to Lalibela.) 

Where will we stay? The Light House Guest House (15-minute drive to Korah, the village we will be serving in.)


  • We will have 10 Google Hangout meetings leading up to the trip.

  • You will be required to read two short books. Onein preparation for the trip, and one after the trip.

  • $250 non-refundable deposit (due one week after you have been selected)

  • 50% of your funds need to be raised by 6 months prior to departure.

  • 75% of your funds need to be raised by 3 months prior to departure.

  • 100% of your funds need to be raised 1 month prior to departure.

Cost: $3200/person  ($3800/person if you choose the add on experience to Lalibela)

This cost includes the following: 

  • A personal fundraising webpage for online donations

  • Roundtrip flight from Washington D.C. to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Travel insurance

  • Medical insurance (covers issues that are caused on the trip and medical evacuations)

  • Visa

  • Translators in country

  • Transportation in country

  • Guest House

  • All food and bottled water in country

  • Carry 117 swag

This does not include the following:

Please Note: We typically fly out of Washington DC (Dulles). You will be responsible to get yourself to Dulles Airport by a certain time/day & we will take over from there (put your companion pass, miles, or points to good use).

What makes this trip different than other mission trips?

  1. Each trip is custom built. Each team will spend time in the village of Korah at the Carry 117 compound, along with other ministry partners. We ask Carry 117 how we can serve them best at that time in the year, and then we create the team schedule based on the age, interest, and skill set of each team member. We believe the best way to serve is in your sweet spot.

  2. A large component of this experience will be educational. We believe the first step in helping is understanding. In addition to seeing and serving, we want to help our team members appreciate another culture and faith while understanding healthy helping strategies.

  3. The Ethiopian ministry leaders, translators, and drivers are part of the team. These team members are not people who work for or serve the visiting team. We serve with them shoulder to shoulder.


Application deadline is July 1 for trip #1, and Aug 30 for trip #2. We will review applications in the order they are submitted. If trips fill prior to these dates, we will close the trip, or you will be moved to a waiting list.

** each person (including teens) must fill out their own application **

**Although unlikely, all trips are subject to change or cancellation.**

Questions? Contact us

I went to serve, but I feel like I got so much more out of it than I was able to offer. I am humbled by this experience. I feel like I came in with the mindset that I was going to help fix their situation, but as it turns out, I feel like they fixed some of what was broken in me.
— Adam
This trip was different than any other mission trip I have been on. It was relationship-focused, which was beautiful in the fact that we were able to just love on these women and the rest of the staff and encourage them. Seeing how Carry117 has helped women provide for their families and sustain themselves was encouraging to me to see. God loves these women, this country, and is taking care of them. These women are so strong and so generous.
— Cossette
Before I went on the trip, I carried my Korah tote knowing that Carry 117 was a good cause. But now that I have been to Ethiopia and sat next to the women of Carry 117 and played with their children, my bag has a whole new meaning. It connects me to women I care deeply about. Now, every time I use it, I see their faces, their smiles and think of how much they have been transformed. Not only that, I want everyone I know to buy one so the cause of Carry 117 can be broadened - so more women and children can be empowered. Traveling to Ethiopia with Carry 117 re-awakened in me the desire to be involved in something outside of myself. It gave me such a bigger picture of God and His love for people.
— Ann
If you are on the fence about traveling with Carry 117, it’s time to go. This is an organization that needs YOU. Specifically, YOU. Your skills and background uniquely qualify you to provide Carry 117 with things they need to continue empowering women, preserving families, and preventing orphans. The trip is not a one-size-fits-all experience, it is a deeply personalized journey where God will use YOU to change lives.
— Josh
God used this experience on the 117 Trip to change my life and my life goals.  He taught me that short-term missions isn’t about checking off boxes on a bucket list or about going to new places (although this is thrilling). He reminded me that He can use me in both big and small ways if I just remain open and willing. On the 117 Trip, I got to see firsthand that God is using Carry 117 to do amazing things in Korah. And I want to be part of it.
— Sean
I have been on a lot of mission trips in my lifetime. This one was different. There was such a focus on educating us about culture and healthy helping compared to other trips I have been on. There was also an emphasis on processing what we were experiencing. It really made a huge difference in how I was able to connect with and understand another culture.
— Janelle


** each person (including teens) must fill out their own application **

Application deadline is July 1 for trip #1, and Aug 30 for trip #2. We will review applications in the order they are submitted. If trips fill prior to these dates, we will close the trip, or you will be moved to a waiting list.

**Although unlikely, all trips are subject to change or cancellation.**

Questions? Contact us